About Us


"We are a gaming community striving to be at the top of the leaderboard with top of the line professionalism.  Be assured staff members will always treat you with respect and will never favor other players over you.  We are here to run a clean and fair gaming community.  Each server's rules may differ, but we aim to provide the best gaming experience possible."
We run a clean and fair Gaming Community and hold a high regard to professionalism when it comes to our staff and the way they present themeselves in or out of game. We do not play as normal players and will never push players off our server.   We will do everything we can to talk all issues out with players if at all possible.
If you see an admin in chat or in game be respectful, they will not treat you unfairly. We are here to help, however, we also do enjoy to play at times during events. Our Staff is an open book and we are prepared to amaze you with the most professional approach we can take as your new Admins.