Disclaimer these donations are in no way associated with Eleon studios or any of their affiliates or any other Server we may run. These exist to keep the server running. 

We strive to provide a unique and fun experience for all of our gamers. We believe in providing quality servers and networks However, all of these things are not free! All of these things are made possible by our gracious donors. Donations received by our community go back into our community.


game servers at about £100 per month

in addition to a website, email, domain, TeamSpeak and others is an expense that can easily be offset.

Regular small donations will keep the game servers on line and improve the support system. Thank you 

There are difrent types of donations you may make to UK Populous Gaming. Afew provide in-game benefits. Some of them do not. 

Provides Benefits

1. PayPal/Credit Card Subscriptions
2. Key Donations

Do Not Provide Benefits

3. Item Donations
4. I'm Feeling Generous

If you have any Pre-Payment questions you may contact Admin -Dallas or Andi Raven


All donations are non-refundable. All donations are entirely voluntary. To show our appreciation for your support, we will grant you a specific set of benefits which may be revoked or suspended at any time, for any reason. Being a donor does not grant you immunity from our rules and if you are banned, you will not be given a refund, Chargebacks and reversals will result in a permanent ban from all Populous Gaming services.