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Populous Custom World


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Custom Universe based on Multiplayer scenario.

Theres a lot of changes in this. A lot of the planets are changed, all ores are changed
theres a few custom POI, 4 easy to access Instances, everything regens in 3 hours.

The 4 main starter planets have teleporters and the 4 main trading stations with an instance in each.
The actual scenario is Leveled 2-5 with specific POI for each level of planet and the orbits the same.

So expect to see Epsilon on 2, Ghost on 3, Rados on 4 and Xenu on 5 with 2-3 custom POI on each level too.

All custom POI are from other scenarios and every single file in this scenario is original apart editing.
All the default planets are there and the PDA is ok to do.

All Default planets are DEFAULT.  except regen at 3 hours. 

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Populous is a Family Friendly - PG server, featuring PVE and PVP. Language and usernames must fit within these boundaries. The fact we use the PG rating in creating the Populous environment, Our language restrictions are stricter than most of the other Servers, this is due to wanting all to play on our server without any cause of concern and is open to all ages and with this in mind our restrictions will stay in place.


When it comes to faction chat, there is no swearing restriction.