***The Common Sense Rule***


There will be no Racism in our chat. This includes Hatespeak. 

 If screenshots are provided of the incident and or video of proof - the offending player will recieve a warning and then a perm ban.

We all love a salty chat during Raids,

but there is no need to bring racism into play.

No Exploits or Hacks Period.  These will most likely result in a permanent ban on a case by case basis.

No Extreme Griefing (AKA Dont be an Asshole)

- No trolling new spawns and low level players - let them build

- Not everyone enjoys the Pvp Life as a player.

Bully tactics used in a toxic manner such as constant KOS, multiple raids daily against the same groups or player.

No bully slander in chat to push players off the server.

I will remove the one person or members causing the issue if multiple groups threaten to leave because of continued toxicity.

Depending on the severity of your actions you will get a warning or simply a permanent ban.  There is no unban option from this community, so if you are banned then we do not feel you are worthy of what it takes to be a part of populous gaming.